Matildas Own 100% Wool Ironing Pad/Mat 150cm x 50cm ( 60" x 20" )

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Matildas Own
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Matilda's Own  100% Wool Ironing Pad/Mat 150cm x 50cm 

Matilda's Own is an Australian owned company who create beautiful sewing and quilting accessories. This ironing pad is made from 100% Australian Wool and is a perfect surface to press all your quilt blocks, garments or embroideries. Simply place the pad near your sewing machine to save you constantly getting up and travelling to the iron, with this ironing pad the iron is always within arms reach! the pad is approximately 7-8mm thick and can be used with or without steam from the iron which will create a proper professional result to your craft project. The handy size of this mat means it is great to use directly in your sewing room, close to the machine, or can be easily transported to sewing days and classes so you don't have to wait in line for the iron.

Using the iron:

  • If you are using the pad uncovered, simply use the wool setting with no steam
  • If you are using the pad covered with a cotton fabric, you can use the cotton setting on the iron
  • Be careful when using the pad that heat doesn't travel through the pad onto the surface underneath - if you place an appliqué mat underneath your ironing pad it will protect the surface underneath
  • Please note that some fabrics may transfer colour to the pad if you press them while they are wet, simply place a cloth between the fabric and the pad if you are concerned