Bohin Applique Long Size 9 Needles 15 Pack Made in France

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Bohin Applique Long Needles Size 9 Pack Of 15

Beautiful to use Bohin Applique Long Needle make any light to medium hand sewing a breeze. The number 12 needle is the perfect length to give you enough to work with without being too tedious or getting in your way. This pack of 15 needles means your project will be finished in no time!

Anyone into the art of sewing and quilting understands how big the Bohin industry is. Being in service for almost two centuries, Bohin completed their 180 years in the business. However, with time, not only do their services and products become of higher quality and offer what every sewer dreams of, but are also environment friendly. Being the only needle manufacturer in France, this Bohin Applique Long Needles Size 12 Pack is sure to help you achieve your sewing and quilting projects with excellence.

Have a look at the features of the Bohin Applique Long Needles Size 9 Pack:
- The quality of this vintage classic brand is undeniable as it most certainly is one of the most refined products of the world. After all, it is Bohin.
- Constructed to provide maximum smooth glide through the fabric, you will have a pleasurable experience using these needles. The Bohin Applique Long pack is polished exceptionally so that it simply slides through the fabric without any friction.
- When using the Bohin Long Applique Needles you do not need not worry about your threads breaking. The needles are processed with an eye-polish in a unique process to minimize the breaking of all kinds of threads.
- Constructed of durable constituents, they offer minimum bending. We understand the discomfort in using a needle that bends when you are in the middle of your project. Lucky for us, the Bohin Long Applique Pack offers minimum bending with maximum strength.
- The points are fine and they minimize holes in your fabric so you know you can use these Bohin needles for a variety of projects.