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Grabaroo Gloves are perfect for giving you extra dexterity in your hands to help you pick up pins and use your scissors. They can protect your hands from cuts and give you much more control over your free motion quilting.

Free motion quilting gives our quilts beautiful textures and finishes. However it can be difficult to get the hang of controlling your quilt sandwich within your machine, especially if you have beautiful soft fabrics that tend to bunch up when you quilt them. These Grabaroo Gloves are the perfect answer to help you with all your quilting and sewing troubles.

Features Of The Grabaroo Gloves:

- These gloves feature grips on every finger ensuring all your fabrics will move slowly and evenly through your machine. No longer will your fingers slip and slide over your material creating uneven quilting.

- The extra grips on these gloves give you extra dexterity in your hands, perfect for picking up those pesky pins that always seem to clump together wasting your precious quilting time! This added dexterity is also great for use with scissors making it much more comfortable for you to create sharp and precise lines and cuts through your materials.

- The Grabaroo Gloves are form fitting and made from 95% nylon and 5% spandex. This means they will comfortably fit over all hand types and feel like an added gripping layer of skin to help you with all your everyday sewing and quilting.

- Not only will these gloves assist you with your free motion quilting but are excellent for protecting your hands and fingers against blisters and cuts from scissors. They are also great if you love to wear your rings but hate to take them off to do your quilting. The Grabaroo Gloves will protect your rings from grabbing and catching on your fabrics and stop them from getting scratches from your quilting processes.

Whether you love to free motion quilt or would find some extra dexterity in your hands useful for sewing and quilting, then these Grabaroo Gloves are perfect and will make you a happy quilter!

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