Moda Belle Isle Charm Squares By Minick & Simpson

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Moda Belle Isle Charm Squares By Minick & Simpson

Evoking memories of picnics, biking ball games and family Belle Ilse  - or Beautiful island- is a celebrations of fresh air and water we all seek when life starts to build up. It is the ease of summer, being out doors to breathe deep and relax. - Happy times.

Named after one of Michigan's jewels, the Belle Ilse collection is red, white and blue with a bit of pink. The prints are pure Minick & Simpson with florals, shirtings, stars, plaids and paisleys.

Belle Ilse  includes 42 x 5 Inch Squares of fabric. Unleash your Imagination and put a Pre-cut Fabric Set to use.

A lot of quilters and sewers deal with the hassle of finding the right blend of coordinating fabric for their project. That is why pre-cuts are so useful. Beautiful coordinated fabric just like a pro would use. These packs of fabric make it easy and less stressful to begin your project. Working with pre-cuts will be very satisfying and they are great for both beginners and experienced quilters alike. The pre-cuts have been perfectly packed and are ready to sew. They will contain perfectly coordinated fabrics that you can be confident will complement each other. This is how you will make a gorgeous finished project. Pre-cuts can also be a great way of getting a small sample of the different prints in a fabric range or collection.

This collection is manufactured with 100% quilting quality cotton. Some duplication