Matildas Own Lighted Pin Picker

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Matildas Own
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Matildas Own Lighted Pin Picker

The Pin Picker Upper will get into all those impossible to reach areas and grab any metal objects you have dropped.

This tool is a tremendous help when you’ve drop needles or pins on the floor or between the cushions of your chair.
 It will also retrieve snaps, eyelets and other lightweight metal objects that adhere to a magnet.

Equipped with a replaceable battery, it sheds light on those hard to reach areas.

Extend the arm to increase its reach, and then the strong magnet will latch onto your lost treasure and retrieve it.
Pin Picker can be extended up to 65cm long!

It comes with a sculptured, easy grip soft handle.

In-built light can be activated by simply turning the head of the pin picker into the “on” position.